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Aims of the Foundation

The Foundation's income is applied in the following ways:

(a) in awarding beneficiaries scholarships bursaries or maintenance allowances tenable at any school, university or other place of learning approved by the Governors;

(b) in providing financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books to enable beneficiaries on leaving school or university or any other educational establishment to prepare for or to assist their entry into a professional trade or calling;

(c) in awarding scholarships or maintenance allowances to enable beneficiaries to travel abroad to pursue their education;

(d) in providing or assisting in the provision of facilities of any kind not normally provided by the Local Education Authority for recreation, social and physical training including the provision of coaching in athletics, sport and games for beneficiaries who are receiving primary, secondary or further education;

(e) in providing financial assistance to enable beneficiaries to study music or other arts.

Beneficiaries means persons resident in the City of Sheffield who, in the opinion of the Governors, are in need of financial assistance.

Please note: Grants are awarded using the above aims but at the discretion of the Governors.

Registered Charity Number 529372
Registered Charity Number 529372

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